DMT is notorious for its powerful hallucinogenic properties. Though the psychedelic trip it induces lasts 5-15 minutes when smoked, it is possible to extend the smoked DMT state by a significant amount in combination with other substances and plants. xDMT.org mission is to study methods by which to extend the DMT state.

On more than 600 DMT experiments, I’ve broken through, while during the remaining 600+ I slowly navigated to the Other Side, step by step, gradually increasing the dose from 1 mg to 120 mg and documenting the experiences. This book contains the most important parts of my research and personal logs, the lessons I learned and the methods I discovered to create sacred space by prolonging the experience by up to 5x. Passing over the rational, the irrational, the speculative and the accepted side of any psychological experience, I wanted to concentrate chiefly on its totality; to study what it is, and what it is simultaneously not.

(We are not associated or affiliated with Dr. Andrew Gallimore or his Extended State DMT Intravenous Extension Model. We support their research.)